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Be Mindful of Your Practice

Whether you are looking for a class to gently move and stretch, a class to get your blood flowing and build heat in the body, or a class to help you on your spiritual journey; we hope that you will find a class that resonates with you here at Satya!  Hope to see you on the Mat!


All Levels Flow

This class is designed for students of all levels. With teacher guidance, students may mold the postures and sequences to meet their own needs and abilities. 


This Gentle Yoga class moves through the postures slowly and includes detailed instruction for proper alignment and safety. It is designed for all students who prefer a slower, gentle, and relaxing style. It is also great for new yogis and beginners!


This class is rooted in the true Vinyasa tradition. We will explore our breath with connection to our bodies as we gracefully flow through well thought out sequences. This class is recommended to those who have a regular Vinyasa practice and are familiar with Sun Salutations A & B.


This earth based practice is a beautiful compliment to a more traditional active style “yang” practice. It consists mainly of floor postures that are designed to work the deeper tissues of the body. In this class, we will safely and passively hold postures for several minutes, giving the body time to maintain and restore its natural joint mobility. Come and experience the beautiful practice of Yin Yoga. “Most forms of yoga today are dynamic, active practices designed to work only half of our body, the muscular half, the “yang” tissues. Yin Yoga allows us to work the other half, the deeper “yin” tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks, and even our bones. All of our tissues are important and need to be exercised so that we can achieve optimal health and vitality. “ -Bernie Clark (The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga)


This class is a little bit of yin and little bit of vinyasa and designed to leave you feeling amazing! The first half will begin with Yin postures designed to open up your joints and ligaments, creating greater ranges of motion, along with cultivating stillness to open the mind. As we transition slowly out of the Yin practice we will move into the Vinyasa practice to develop strength and a deeper awareness of our bodies while keeping the stillness of the mind.

Beginner Series

Perfect for beginning yoga students as well as students of all-levels looking to refresh their physical practice. This class will teach the basic fundamentals of Vinyasa yoga, which places the body with intention and purpose. Students will learn yogic breathing, how to connect breath to movement through aligning the body, building strength, and how to find clarity in the mind, leading to relaxation and stress relief. If you are looking for a basic understanding of poses, want a slower paced class, or if you need to take a break from more vigorous styles of yoga - this is for you! Beginners and all-levels welcome.


Join your yoga community in our power flow class! This class is practiced in a gently heated room and provides instruction to get you moving, flowing and connecting your mind and body through an invigorating yoga sequence. Set to inspiring music, these classes will improve your flexibility and range of motion, awaken your intuition, and enhance concentration and creativity.

Restorative & Reiki

with Melissa Scagliarini and Sandi Powers Reiki Master Teacher; Melissa will guide you through restorative postures while Sandi gives each student the benefits of Reiki. With the fast pace of life today, it is common for the sympathetic nervous system to be on overdrive and for our bodies to stay in a constant state of heightened alert. Our bodies do not know the difference between stress created from work and actual danger. In order to restore, the body needs to be able to relax and return to the parasympathetic nervous system. Restorative yoga poses support the muscles and bones with props so that they can relax. As a result, the nervous system send less messages to the brain, the mind quiets, and the body returns to the parasympathetic nervous system. This lowers the heart rate, reduces blood pressure and slows down the breath. Generally restorative poses relieve stress by taking students into a deep state of relaxation. It also stimulates and soothes organs and improves concentration. A restorative practice is excellent for calming and grounding.

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