Truth On and Off the Mat

Rest, Reflect and Rejoice A Special Winter Solstice Yoga Class - December 21st 6 - 8 pm FULL


With Melissa Scagliarini

On Dec. 21st  the Winter Solstice will mark a shift in daylight, when we begin to emerge from the darkness into the light.

Symbolically, in this class we will use our practice to shift our body, mind and soul from darkness, worry, fatigue, sadness to the light within, trust, love and joy. This practice will allow us the  opportunity to go within to, rest, reflect and rejoice.  We will practice some basic Yin postures, some moderate Hatha yoga postures, and some restorative postures. Modifications will be available for all poses. This workshop is opened to all levels. 

Sorry the Solstice Class is FULL